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What ITAR Compliance Means to Your Security

Monthly Archives: July 2015

What ITAR Compliance Means to Your Security

Whether you represent a commercial organization, government entity, or a branch of the military, you’re undoubtedly protective over your projects. This is because many of the projects that you’re working on could have taken years, if not decades, to come

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Orion Technologies Earns Finalist Bid in 2015 Florida Companies to Watch Award

GrowFL honors Orion Technologies at the 2015 Florida Companies to Watch award with a final round selection presented in November. Orion Technologies has received the honor of being nominated for and becoming a finalist in the 2015 Florida Companies to

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Product Spotlight – NTX7640 & NTX7642

At Orion Technologies, we’re proud to showcase two of our most popular embedded single board computers, the NTX7640 & NTX7642. While these two powerful SBCs are similar, there are a variety of differences between the two models, which we’ll go

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Orion Technologies Unveils New Quad Ethernet NIC & VPX Cards

Orion Technologies is proud to announce the release of two new products in the SBC market. Orion currently provides custom and COTS single board computer solutions for industrial, commercial, military, and aerospace applications. The new products being released are the

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The Difference in cPCI Processors

As a leader in the manufacturing of embedded single board computers for a variety of industrial and military customers, we offer a variety of cPCI processors to power our rugged SBCs. In this blog, we’ll showcase our two most popular

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New Processors are Aimed to Help Drones from Crashing

As drones begin to gain in popularity and new cases emerge for a variety of applications, some are worried about the possibility of drone crashes. Because of this relatively new technology, there is little evidence to determine how safe these

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The Difference in Ethernet and PCIe Switches

At Orion, your embedded solutions partner, we offer a variety of switches for our military and industrial customers. We understand that these industrial customers require different products compared to networking products found through standard retail channels. Orion Offers Two Types

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