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Dual Altera Arria V REDI (Vita 48) 3U VPX FPGA Module

This product is End-of-Life.

Power and Flexibility

The Orion VPX2000 FPGA board is the industry’s most flexible, rugged, high-performance Dual FPGA 3U VPX card in today’s embedded marketplace.

Configurable Altera Arria V FPGAs with high- speed reduced latency DRAM (RLDRAM) memory buffers and four high-throughput PCIe 2.0 interfaces result in a powerful and flexible logic processor module that is capable of executing custom instruction sets and algorithms.

Available in 5 levels of ruggedization from commercial temperature air cooled (0.8” pitch) to extended temperature REDI (Vita 48.2, 0.85” pitch).


  • OpenVPX
  • Dual or Single Reconfigurable Altera Arria V FPGAs • 576MB RLDRAM memory per FPGA
  • 1Gbit P33 NOR Flash per FPGA
  • One 10Gb XAUI port per FPGA to backplane
  • Dual Gigabit Base-BX Ethernet per FPGA to backplane
  • Two Gen-2 x1 PCIe lanes per FPGA to backplane • On-board temperature monitoring integrated in the FPGAs
  • Twenty-eight GPIOs per FPGA to backplane
  • Two Serial ports per FPGA, RS232 / RS422
  • FPGAs linked via thirty-two differential signals
  • FPGA code loads from the PCIe bus or from
  • on-board prom
  • Programmable Clock generation
  • Full 2 Level Maintenance allows in-field replacement • 18W maximum total power dissipation
  • Available as single FPGA card
  • JTAG interface enables on-board code debugging
  • Mictor connector per FPGA for debug
  • Rear Transition Module (RTM) available
  • Designed for conduction cooled or -40 to 85°C operation in air cooled systems

Hardware Specifications


  • Altera Arria V
  • 5AGXFB7
  • 5AGXFB3

FPGA Features

  • 28 nm technology
  • 503,500 equivalent logic elements
  • 190,000 adaptive logic elements
  • Twenty-four 6.375 Gbps transceivers
  • 528 user I/Os
  • Several Arria V hardcores available
  • Altera and third party IP Cores available

VPX Connector

  • Two x1 PCI Express 2.0 lanes from each FPGA
  • One XAUI port from each FPGA
  • Two 1000 Base-BX from each FPGA


  • 576MB RLDRAM for each FPGA
  • Boot PROM for each FPGA
  • 1Gbit NOR flash for each FPGA
  • 27,045Mbit on-chip for each FPGA

Peripherals Per FPGA

One XAUI Port

  • Controller: Arria V
  • Access: VPX Connectors P1/P2

Two x1 PCIe

  • Controller: Arria V
  • Version: 2.0
  • Access:VPX Connectors P1/P2

Two 10/100/1000 Base-BX Ports

  • Controller: Arria V
  • Phy: Marvell
  • Configuration: Auto Negotiating 10/100/1000
  • Access: VPX Connectors P1/P2

Dual Serial Ports

  • Controller : Arria V
  • Signal levels: Standard RS232/RS422/RS485
  • Access: VPX Connectors P1/P2

General Purpose I/O

  • Configuration: Twenty-eight GPIO
  • Signal levels: Configurable by Arria V
  • Access: VPX Connectors P1/P2


Temp Sensor

  • Built in temperature sensor on FPGA


  • Power on reset, Push button reset and VPX backplane reset


  • FPGA JTAG interface on RTM


  • Runtime Status LEDS



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