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At Orion, we understand the importance of a reasonably priced product that is not only reliable, but efficient as well. To guarantee quality management, we’re AS9100 certified. This certification is a standard that ensures a strong customer focus, relentless improvement, and management system excellence. Our experienced team must adhere to these strict standards when it comes to the design, manufacturing, and service quality in the development of each high-performance machine.

The Orion team has the latest design tools and techniques at their disposal to ensure they’re operating at peak efficiency. Once developed, each single board computer (SBC) must meet extremely strict quality standards. These standards are verified based on a variety of rigorous tests and quality control procedures, ensuring high durability and performance.

Rigorous Testing Standards
Before shipping our systems and single board computers, we use a series of tests to analyze the quality and reliability of each of our components, which includes board inspection during the building process.

Every product that we produce is designed and built with a specific test plan. This custom test plan is developed by Orion’s own hardware engineers and software developers. All of our processor-based products must run a Linux multi-tasking test to confirm that each product component is working as expected. Orion has developed a proprietary test suite for each product that includes board progress, as well as monitoring features and the generation of a robust log file for debugging and archival processes.

Burn-In Testing
Because many of our components are subjected to harsh environments, we use burn-in testing to weed out marginal components. This allows us to test our products in the exact environments where they will be used most.

These comprehensive testing procedures have allowed us to build SBCs that offer high performance, as well as low failure rates, all for an affordable price. For additional information about the products offered, contact Orion today.

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