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Kano Gets Children Interested in Programming

There has been a lot of interest as of late in how we as a society can expose children to technology. Technology is truly the great equalizer. If we expose more children across economic levels to technology in their younger years, it’s likely that they will be more successful later in life. As an embedded single-board computer manufacturer, we are happy to see these types of things available for children to discover.

  • Kano Develops a Tiny Single-Board Computer for Children: Kano’s mission, when creating the Kano Box, was to create a small computer that could be used by children for fun and education. The Kano Box is geared towards children with bright colors and in-depth instructions. The Kano Computer Kit is powered by the popular Rasberry Pi single-board embedded computer, and connects to a standard TV with an HDMI cable that is provided.
  • Kano Teaches Children About Computer Building and Coding: One of the most beneficial parts of the entire Kano system is the fact that children must assemble parts of the computer to get it to function. This is much different from the one-button operation of most of today’s electronics. Children must build the computer case, install an SD memory card, add a Wi-Fi dongle, a speaker, pair the keyboard, and power everything up. For children that have never had to build anything, this is a great way to show how to construct something really neat and useful. Kano also has a variety of iconic games like Pong, Snake, and Kano Draw that allow children to not only play these games, but also modify how they actually work through code.  Children are able to control the rules in the games, and even control the look and feel of how games are displayed.

At Orion, We’re Excited to See Coding Opportunities for Children

At Orion, we live and breathe the business of single-board embedded computers. While most of our work is done with military, industrial, and commercial customers, we think it’s great to see a company like Kano working to expose children to computers and coding. We hope that Kano continues to develop products for these young minds that will quench their thirst for knowledge, and, in turn, develop a smarter and more tech-savvy generation.

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