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Highlights from the Defense Roundtable Discussion on Military Embedded Products

A recent McHale Report online roundtable discussed the buzz on the floor of the AFCEA West show in San Diego, including DoD’s increased focus on embedded single board computers. The discussion participants were IXI Technology’s Michael Carter, Phoenix International’s Amos

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Cybersecurity Education Consortium Formed

It’s hard to read a newspaper or watch TV for very long before hearing about some type of cyber attack or data breach. Not only are businesses at risk, but hackers have started to target large government agencies as well.

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What the Military Can Teach CEOs About Cybersecurity

As organizations around the world are constantly on the defense from cyber attacks on their corporate networks, a report offers advice on how CEOs can take notes on how the US military protects their critical networks from cybercrime. A recent

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Drones Gain Spectral Light Thanks to Processors

The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, have grown significantly over the past few years. As the technology of drones improves, large developments in hyperspectral imaging are being made from a variety of different companies. Drones have been

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What the New DoD Budget Means for Military Technologies

While previous Department of Defense budgets have been fraught with delays, the 2016 request came at the normal time, in February, as opposed to the usual delayed timeline. Rugged systems manufacturer, Orion Technologies, explains what the new DoD’s budget means

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Military Defense and Computer Intelligence

In the ever-changing world of technology, it’s not just small and large companies that have to evolve. Military branches also must adapt to these technological advancements in fear of being left behind compared to other world powers. Big Data is

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6th Branch of the Military Could be Cybersecurity

While the majority of data breaches and identity thefts are geared towards consumers and companies, the military is in a unique predicament of having to respond to large-scale cyber attacks on a global level. Recent attacks on federal data are

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New Processors are Aimed to Help Drones from Crashing

As drones begin to gain in popularity and new cases emerge for a variety of applications, some are worried about the possibility of drone crashes. Because of this relatively new technology, there is little evidence to determine how safe these

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Automation Advancements and its Effect on Industry

Over the past several decades, automation systems have seen significant advances when it comes to software, such as embedded single board computers, but not much has changed with automation hardware. While small changes have been made to hardware in terms

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