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Orion Technologies Spotlight: Quality Assurance

At Orion Technologies, one of the facets of our business that sets us apart from other manufacturers is our commitment to quality. To prove the high level of quality in each of the products that we design and produce, we’re

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How Products from Orion Can Help Your Company

Processors are the lifeline of most high-powered computer systems. While every computer needs a processor, not every processor is built to the same specifications. At Orion, we utilize the latest technology from Intel, Freescale, and other manufacturers, to ensure that

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Custom Solutions at Orion

Custom embedded single board computers have been the cornerstone of Orion Technologies since our company was established in 1990. We’ve worked with a variety of customers across all sorts of industries, many of who have become repeat customers. Our #1

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Rugged Systems: The Final Frontier

Today’s military battlefield has changed immensely over the past several years. Less warfare occurs on the ground, and more powerful computers and interconnected networks are required to deliver important information to all parties involved. This need for resource-intensive computer systems

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Backplanes and Why They Matter

When it comes to a rugged and powerful embedded single board computer, the quality of the components is paramount. At Orion Technologies, we understand the importance of having the highest quality components in every product that we deliver. Whether you’re

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Military and its War on Cyber Attacks

While large companies are usually seen in the media discussing the dangers of cyber attacks, the military is also quietly modifying how they respond and train brigades when it comes to cyber warfare. Embedded single board computer supplier, Orion, explains

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What ITAR Compliance Means to Your Security

Whether you represent a commercial organization, government entity, or a branch of the military, you’re undoubtedly protective over your projects. This is because many of the projects that you’re working on could have taken years, if not decades, to come

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The Difference in cPCI Processors

As a leader in the manufacturing of embedded single board computers for a variety of industrial and military customers, we offer a variety of cPCI processors to power our rugged SBCs. In this blog, we’ll showcase our two most popular

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The Difference in Ethernet and PCIe Switches

At Orion, your embedded solutions partner, we offer a variety of switches for our military and industrial customers. We understand that these industrial customers require different products compared to networking products found through standard retail channels. Orion Offers Two Types

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Kano Gets Children Interested in Programming

There has been a lot of interest as of late in how we as a society can expose children to technology. Technology is truly the great equalizer. If we expose more children across economic levels to technology in their younger

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