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New Processors are Aimed to Help Drones from Crashing

As drones begin to gain in popularity and new cases emerge for a variety of applications, some are worried about the possibility of drone crashes. Because of this relatively new technology, there is little evidence to determine how safe these unmanned vehicles are. A team of researchers from the University of Zurich are working to help drones maintain a stable flight, even after losing control.

  • New Drones Pack Quite a Punch: These new drones are quite complicated machines, all powered by a small computer processor board which powers a downward pointing camera, a distance sensor, a gyroscope, and an inertial measurement unit or IMU. The processor board uses the camera to identify landmarks in normal flying conditions, which are then used should something catastrophic occur.
  • Improved Reliability: One of the complaints with drone technology is that the devices are difficult to fly and can easily crash. With this new technology, researchers have literally been able to throw drones with force into the air and have them correct their flight path in mid-air, in only a second. This technology will allow drones to be much safer and should hopefully assuage fears about drone crashes from consumers.
  • Other Benefits of New Drone Technology: This new technology also improves reliability should the drone stop functioning due to a mechanical problem or a low battery. Because the device is constantly capturing images with the on-board camera, it can easily navigate a safe landing area away from people and objects, if necessary, during an emergency landing.

Orion Processors Perfect for New Drone Technology: Orion’s line of high-end processor boards including our NTX7640 and NTX7642 are perfect for drone applications. These processors are extremely small, have low power requirements, and are offered at low price points that make them useful for a variety of applications including in the growing drone market.

If you have questions about how our line of processors can assist with drone travel, don’t hesitate to contact our engineers today at 407-476-2120.

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