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Orion Technologies COTS: Custom Commercial Off-the-Shelf

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.50.08 PMWhen you are looking for a custom single board computer (SBC) system design, you have a large number of options in the embedded marketplace. In business since 1990, Orion Technologies offers several advantages over some of our competitors.

Fully Custom Commercial Off-the Shelf Technologies

At Orion Technologies, our specialty is creating fully-custom single board computer system designs for a variety of military, industrial and commercial clients. Other companies may claim to offer custom-commercial single board computers, but rarely do they handle everything from the design, testing and manufacturing to ensure that everything is completed based on a client’s unique needs.

Orion Technologies is proud to handle the manufacturing of all of our custom single board computers completely in-house. This allows our engineering team to be a part of the entire design and manufacturing process to ensure that our custom-designed single board computers meet or exceed our clients’ specifications.

Custom Products at Off The Shelf Prices

Even though Orion Technologies develops high-performance, fully-custom single board computers for our clients, we are still able to compete with competitors that sell off-the-shelf designs with little customization. This is due to our focus on efficient manufacturing practices where our engineers fully test all of our designs to ensure that they meet the highest standards. While other companies choose to farm out their manufacturing to other companies to cut costs, we have fine-tuned our manufacturing process in many ways, which allows us to keep costs down while not skimping on the quality of our products.

Contact Orion Technologies Today for Your Custom SBC Needs

Why purchase an off-the-shelf SBC when you can have a custom SBC designed for you at the same price point? Contact Orion Technologies today to learn more about how we can help your company with a SBC design that will meet or exceed your needs.

Give us a call today at 407-476-2120 to begin the process of designing a custom single board computer for your unique needs. Visit our product page for more information.

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