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What ITAR Compliance Means to Your Security

Whether you represent a commercial organization, government entity, or a branch of the military, you’re undoubtedly protective over your projects. This is because many of the projects that you’re working on could have taken years, if not decades, to come to fruition.  For this reason, you may be extremely cautious of the contractors that you use for the manufacturing of your products. As an embedded single board computer supplier,  we understand this hesitation and it’s why we are an ITAR Registered Manufacturer.

What is an ITAR Registered Manufacturer?

Having the designation as an ITAR Registered Manufacturer is most often used for government or military projects where the highest level of security must be exercised when it comes to classified projects. ITAR stands for International Traffic In Arms Regulations Compliant. To maintain this credential, we are not able to share confidential information with domestic citizens by law. This level of security is only awarded to companies that have shown a proven track record of not only producing high quality products, but also the ability to be extremely discreet regarding all project dealings. By maintaining these strict standards, we’re able to provide cutting edge technology advancements for our government and military projects.

What ITAR Compliance Means for You?

Since Orion Technologies is ITAR Compliant, this level of classification affords our clients a high level of security and the protection of all technological advancements. We take great pride in our ITAR certification and work extremely hard to ensure that our clients’ security is never compromised.

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