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Military and its War on Cyber Attacks

While large companies are usually seen in the media discussing the dangers of cyber attacks, the military is also quietly modifying how they respond and train brigades when it comes to cyber warfare. Embedded single board computer supplier, Orion, explains their plan of action.


  • Increase Instruction as Part of Routine Combat Training: As a way to better prepare soldiers across all branches of the military, specific cyber terrorism training is being implemented through the U.S. Army Cyber Command. The Army is currently testing this training with a few brigades around the country. The 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division was the first team to try out this new training, which took place in Louisiana. Trainers conducted drills that included standard network defense as well as other tactics supplemented by the Army Cyber Command.
  • Growing Pressure to Increase Training in Wake of Attacks: The reality is that much of the military’s weaponry is all powered through computer networks, which could be susceptible to hackers. The Army is now committed to looking at cyber attacks as another form of warfare that must be combated with vigilance.
  • 2 New Brigades Completely Focused on Cyber Warfare: The Army is creating two brigades that are entirely focused on researching and fighting cyber warfare.  The first is the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade, which is located at Fort Meade in Maryland, and the second is the Cyber Protection Brigade located at Fort Gordon in Georgia. The Army’s current workforce dedicated to cyber warfare is 19,000 and many think that this number will grow over the next few years.
  • Military Upgrading Technology to Combat Attacks: Another aspect of this cyber warfare initiative is developing new ways to prevent attacks by the use of new equipment and networking topologies to make it much harder for hackers to infiltrate military networks.

Orion Technologies Proud to Be a Military Supplier

As an ITAR registered manufacturer, we are proud of the work that we’ve done in recent years with the government and the military. As the military continues to improve their approach to handling cyber security, we’ll be available to add our expertise in as many ways as we can. If you are interested in our services and products, such as our embedded single board computers, contact Orion at (407) 476-2120.

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