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Backplanes and Why They Matter

When it comes to a rugged and powerful embedded single board computer, the quality of the components is paramount. At Orion Technologies, we understand the importance of having the highest quality components in every product that we deliver. Whether you’re interested in an off-the-shelf SBC, or one that is custom-tailored to your unique specifications, Orion Technologies is up to the challenge. One of the critical components in any embedded single board computer application is the backplane.

COTS Backplanes or Fully Custom Designs

At Orion, we like to say that none of our products are 100% off-the-shelf. We make minor modifications for the majority of our clients which is how we’ve been able to continue to grow in the often-unpredictable SBC market. Our backplanes are an example of this customization. We offer the ability to our customers to utilize a variety of COTS (custom off-the-shelf) backplanes, as well as custom designed backplanes that are built from the ground up to your unique specifications.

Backplanes for a Variety of Industries

We’ve been fortunate enough to serve a large group of customers across all industries. We routinely serve customers in the industrial, military, and commercial industries. Being able to serve this wide variety of customers is a testament to our commitment on meeting the needs of our customers.

Support After the Sale

Whether you’re purchasing backplanes, or any other component from Orion, you can be confident that our support team will be available should you have problems down the line.  In fact, when you pick up the phone for support, chances are you’ll be speaking with one of our engineers that designed your exact product. This is truly the highest level of support possible in our industry. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our products, including embedded single board computers, give us a call today at 407-476-2120.

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