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Rugged Systems: The Final Frontier

Today’s military battlefield has changed immensely over the past several years. Less warfare occurs on the ground, and more powerful computers and interconnected networks are required to deliver important information to all parties involved. This need for resource-intensive computer systems with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures as well as environmental hazards has resulted in a surge in the need for rugged systems.

Military Computers Exposed to Harsh Environments More Than Ever

In years past, military computers were often built and placed in a protected environment and would be used to power tasks such as satellite communications. Now, computers are being used much more often by soldiers who are actually out in the field. This requires the computers to be protected from harsh elements such as heat, dust, shock, vibration, altitude, and other environmental hazards.

Custom Components Based on Military Needs

Another popular aspect of the latest in rugged computer technologies is solutions that are custom designed for certain military functions. For instance, Warfighters had a certain request for sunlight-viewable screens, which is much different from daylight-viewable screens. For sunlight-viewable screens, the screens must be able to be seen when the sun is literally shining directly on the screen. This is just one of the examples of a custom need that embedded computer manufacturers were able to meet for one branch of the military.

Orion Technologies Poised to Deliver Rugged Computing Solutions

At Orion Technologies, we have been providing rugged embedded computer systems for the military, industrial, and commercial industries for over 20 years.  Whatever your custom needs, there’s no doubt that we can develop, test, and implement a solution that will perform well in even the most extreme environments. For more information about our rugged systems, feel free to reach out to our engineering team today at 407-476-2120.

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