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What the Military Can Teach CEOs About Cybersecurity

As organizations around the world are constantly on the defense from cyber attacks on their corporate networks, a report offers advice on how CEOs can take notes on how the US military protects their critical networks from cybercrime.

A recent article that was featured in the Harvard Business Review, titled Cybersecurity’s Human Factor: Lessons from the Pentagon, outlines six primary factors at the center of the successes of the US military at stopping cyber attacks and quickly identifying and containing any intrusions that do occur.

6 Principles to Protect Your Firm from Cyber Threats

  • Take Charge – Upper management should ask themselves, as well as other managers, whether they’re doing everything possible to create a culture that is able to guard against cybercrimes consistently.
  • Accountability – Each employee from high-level executives down to low-level employees should be held responsible for actions within their control. Organizations should institute standards and offer detailed training and even certification to ensure employees are informed.
  • Institute Formal Procedures – Ensure that you have strict procedures about who is in charge of what aspects of cybersecurity policies to ensure proper accountability.  It’s also important to remind employees that their adherence to these security rules is extremely important and will be monitored.
  • Periodically Monitor Your Defenses – CEOs should work to frequently test operational IT practices and set up internal audits to include cybersecurity practices, technology, and culture. These audits should be supplemented by random spot checks to address some of the common compromises and shortcuts that can lead to cybersecurity issues in the workplace.
  • Encourage Honesty – Management should look at honest, unintentional errors as opportunities to correct the set of processes that allowed these issues to occur.
  • Increase Consequences of Dishonesty – While all humans make mistakes, it’s important to not give second chances for employees that are intentionally violating cybersecurity procedures.

In today’s fast-paced economy, it’s increasingly important for CEOs, as well as upper management, to understand the importance of cybersecurity as it relates to their employees. With the majority of cyber attacks occurring due to human error, it’s important that organizations do all that they can to educate their workforce. For more information on how Orion Technologies ensures security with our products, including embedded computers, please call 407-476-2120, or contact or team online.

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