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6th Branch of the Military Could be Cybersecurity

While the majority of data breaches and identity thefts are geared towards consumers and companies, the military is in a unique predicament of having to respond to large-scale cyber attacks on a global level. Recent attacks on federal data are pointing to the need of a potential 6th branch of the military focused entirely on cybersecurity.

What Would This 6th Branch of the Military Look Like?

If the military were to create a 6th branch of the military, it would be a large undertaking.  Similar to West Point and the U.S. Naval Academy, experts believe that our country needs to create an institution of similar stature to begin training cybersecurity personnel. While the military branches have already invested significant resources in cybersecurity, the reality is that it may not be enough. With others vying for America’s classified material, it’s important that we are extremely vigilant about thwarting these attacks. Cyber warfare is the new type of combat, and it’s important that, just like in the past, the U.S. asserts its power as a key player throughout the world, in regards to protecting itself against these cyber attacks.

The Threat to US Security is Real

As a global superpower, individuals, groups, and rogue nations are constantly looking for ways to attack our nation. A former director of the NSA was quoted as saying that China alone may have over 100,000 cyber professionals focused on conducting both economical and military espionage operations.

Concentrated Group of Experts May Thwart New Attacks

While it’s apparent that the U.S. is responding to cyber warfare through various branches of the military, there is no one department or group leading this effort. With an entire branch of the military dedicated to this task, rogue nations and organizations would see that our country is extremely serious about combating these attacks and rooting out those who are breaking the law in trying to steal classified data from our country.

Combating Threats Takes Significant Monetary and Hardware Resources

If the military were to create a new branch to deal with cybersecurity, it would be a huge financial undertaking for the military. Not only would the government need to find and train an entirely new pool of recruits, they would also have to invest in the latest computing equipment like, embedded single board computers, and other tools used in the fight against cyber warfare.

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