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What the New DoD Budget Means for Military Technologies

While previous Department of Defense budgets have been fraught with delays, the 2016 request came at the normal time, in February, as opposed to the usual delayed timeline. Rugged systems manufacturer, Orion Technologies, explains what the new DoD’s budget means to our military.

Increased Proposed Budget to Help Modernize Military Force

In 2015, the DoD’s budget was just over $496 billion. In 2016, the proposed budget calls for an additional $38.2 billion largely to help modernize the military’s computer systems and help ward off security challenges.

Advances in Command, Control, & Communications Systems

One of the largest customers of the embedded computer market is the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Systems (C4I) divison. This portion of the budget covers all sorts of devices and components used to better connect various military networks for smoother communications on the battlefield as well as between military branches.

The military is continuing to build and invest in the Warfighter Information Network which is the Army’s super secure, high-powered communications network linking Warfighters located in the field to what is known in the military as the Global Information Grid. This network will be rolled out in four phases over the next several years.

Orion Technologies Pleased to See The Military Investing in Our Future

At Orion Technologies, we’re not only pleased to see the additional military funding because of our business, but we’re also pleased to see it because it means that our country will be safer. As technology continues to evolve at a record pace, it’s incredibly important that our military stays ahead of the curve when it comes to their military systems. At Orion, we’ve worked with various military branches over the past 20 years and are proud of the highly effective and equally rugged systems that we’ve been able to develop for the military.

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